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Women become pregnant during various times in their lives, under various circumstances and their feelings about their pregnancy- well, they can be varied! I provide a caring, non judgemental space to discuss whatever is on your mind. My pregnancy sessions are for any women who is pregnant, or who has been within the last 12 months, because you may find yourself wanting to to talk about these feelings even if you are no longer pregnant. I would like to stress that there is no limit to the kinds of things you are able to discuss during these sessions but they may include;

emotions you are experiencing in relation to the pregnancy, telling others about your pregnancy, grief and loss no matter the circumstances, the impact of the pregnancy on self and others, support during pregnancy and/or when baby arrives, making decisions about if/ how to continue with pregnancy including termination and adoption, feelings about birth, impact on relationships, and thoughts about parenting.

I support you through a safe, confidential process that helps you explore your feelings and are able to provide unbiased, evidence-based information about options and services available at your request. If appropriate, you may chose to have an additional supportive person attend the session/s at no extra cost.


At the perinatal space I understand that much of an expectant parents focus is on preparing for birth- mentally, physically and emotionally, this is very normal and encouraged. This said, pregnancy is also the ideal time for expectant parents to spend some time planning and preparing for what they would like their postpartum experience to be like. After all, it is said that the birth of a mother is more intense than child birth and many new parents can feel overwhelmed by the experience.

I also understand that each and every expectant parent is unique and will have their own wants and needs when it comes to preparing for parenthood. With this in mind, the ‘EmPowered Postnatal Parenting’ classes are designed to provide parents with information and resources relevant to all expectant mums and dads (not just first time ones) delivered in a short amount of time. You may find that what you gain from these classes is enough, you may chose to do your own further research and planning or you may chose to engage our counselling support either before or after your baby arrives.


When you are adjusting to parenthood with a new baby it is important that support is focused on addressing your concerns in a prioritised way. Your time is precious and I understand, this doesn’t mean a rushed approach, I listen carefully and help you determine where you feel the focus should lie and starting there.

There are some common areas where new parents experience difficulty-sleep, breastfeeding/ bottle feeding, emotions, and baby’s adjustment to the world outside. I know that many new parents can feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice which is why I offer an evidence based approach that aims to support parents in each of these areas. I also provide a space for you to talk about your birth experience, or absolutely anything that you are wanting to discuss.

This is a Space for your baby too. I support parents to embrace the weeks and indeed months following birth as a time for establishing a deep bond with their baby and helping them to feel secure in this big outside world. Your baby is very welcome during counselling, my air conditioned space is furnished with the comfort of you and your baby in mind and NO waiting room. This said, do what feels right for you in the moment- come alone, bring your partner/support person or bring your partner/support person and baby.


Medicare rebates apply for most services, contact me so I can advise on the most appropriate session for you to book. 





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Amanda Stinton MSW, GradDipEd, B.Soc.Sc. Is dedicated to empowering parents throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum by providing education and counselling during this time known as the perinatal period.

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