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Babies and the inevitable, plentiful ADVICE!

Babies and the inevitable, plentiful ADVICE!


Babies and the inevitable, plentiful ADVICE!

Babies...heaps of people have them, all kinds of people in fact. Babies are great- You’ll love yours. What you might not love so much is heaps of all kinds of people giving you advice about your baby, all kinds of different advice. Which begs two questions;

1 Why is the advice different (and often conflicting)

2 Why do people give it?

Well the answer to the second question has a lot to do with the word baby. Remember? That thing that heaps of people, all kinds of people have.. when people have something, especially something kind of important like a car for example they like to give other people advice about getting /having their own.

Usually they like to give this advice because they truly want the experience of buying a car to go well for you - perhaps just as well as it did for them if they are happy with their experience or better if they’re less than happy. Sometimes... and we all know a person like this, they simply like to give advice because they’re a dick.

So... while a baby isn’t quite like a car, the same goes- lots of people have them and most of these people just want your experience to go well and some . Well some are just dicks.

Trouble is.. babies don’t come as standard as a car, sure there are different types of cars but chances are if your thinking of getting a Volkswagen Golf, asking someone with the same model what theirs is like is a pretty safe bet.

I think you will see where I’m going with this- instead of babies (which heaps of people have) a more accurate and far more helpful term to describe them would be: ‘a new person’.

Remember people?

  • There are heaps of them
  • There are all kinds of them

Chances are by now you have met quite enough to see the variation!

It’s this variation between people- including the new people (yes there’s heaps of them and all kinds of them too!) that brings us to the answer of the first question!

Why is The Perinatal S P A C E different?!

Variation!! Your baby wasn’t made in a factory, your baby is it’s own unique individual. chances are your baby was conceived, carried, and birthed by you and contains half of your genetic make up, regardless of all of that your baby will be raised by YOU! Unfortunately the advice- as well intended as it may be that you are receiving from other people (including professionals) is often based on their own experiences of babies, not of YOU and your NEW PERSON.

For information on ways to get to know your unique and individual baby and find your own unique, individual parenting approach come along to our November classes

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